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Welcome to Turftops

Now! ... you can cover up unsightly manhole covers with instant results ... Or your money back!
Turftops are manhole cover mats that instantly blend unsightly manhole and access covers into lawns. They are manufactured by hand in the UK from simulated grass and are designed to blend seamlessly into existing lawns. Turftops are quick and easy to install, look and feel great and allow access to your drain when you need it. Why put up with an ugly manhole cover in your lawn when you can top it off with a Turftop! Three section photo showing the Problem, application and result of using a Turftop

Turftop Construction

Turftops are designed to simulate real grass, making them blend seamlessly into lawns.
Thie picture shows how a Turftop is constructed


This is a diagram depicting the seven standard sizes of our Turftops



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